Brief Encounter

Lancashire , United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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Brief Encounter
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6th September 2011
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United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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This is Carnforth Station Lancashire, used as the setting and main location for the classic romantic drama 'Brief Encounter'. This location was given the name of 'Milford' for the story.
Carnforth was used as the location because it was a long way from London and therefore did not have any 'Black-out' rules. (the film was made in 1945 during the war).
The station features throughout the film and was the location where the two main characters met. The scenes involving the tea rooms were a set at the Denham studios near Uxbridge.
In recent years, a group of enthusiasts have reconstructed the tea rooms at Carnforth and with the help of a lottery grant have established a museum dedicated to the film.
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This is an interior shot of the restored tearooms. Although the tearoom in the film was a studio at Denham, it was modelled on the original tearoom at the station. Incidentally, the station fell into decline after the film was made, and by the time of the late nineties, was almost falling down. But an enthusiastic group got together and with the help of a lottery grant were able to restore the tearoom to it's former glory, and is now a major tourist attraction, including a museum for the movie.
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A Classic location.
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