The Railway Children (1970)

West Yorkshire , United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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The Railway Children (1970)
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13th September 2010
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West Yorkshire
United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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Oakworth Station. The main station featured in the film.

Additional from Robski:

This is Oakworth Station, on the Keighly & Worth Valley Heritage Railway Line.

This station was used for the iconic scene at the end of the film, when Jenny Agutter's character meets her father at the platform amid a dreamy cloud of steam from the train.

Mr Perks's Cottage can also be seen from here, if you're looking at the station from Google Streetview, pan right at the level crossing and you will see it. It's the white cottage next to the railway line. (The brown cottage at the end has been added since the film was made in 1970.)
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A great location, expertly kept in it's original state.
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Robski on 27th September 2011 at 20:11

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