The Untouchables

Chicago, IL, United States of America
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The Untouchables
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8th November 2011
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Chicago, IL
United States of America
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This bar/pub situated under the railway line was used in the opening scene in the 1987 movie 'The Untouchables'. The scene involved a young girl being killed by an exploding briefcase in the doorway of the bar. I was lucky enough to become friends with a location manager for the Illinois State Film Commission, and when he showed me this location he told me an interesting story... The briefcase was supposed to be a two stage explosion, with a 2 second delay between the blasts, but something went wrong with the wiring and both explosions went off simultaneously, with the result that they had to test the bridge to see if it was still structurally sound before they would let any trains go across it. Everyone was very nervous when the first train was sent across afterwards. (Empty of passengers of course.)
This bar was also used as the Irish pub in the John Candy romantic comedy 'Only The Lonely'.
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