The Lost Boys

CA , United States of America
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The Lost Boys
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15th September 2011
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United States of America
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This is Santa Cruz Boardwalk, used as the main location for the movie 'The Lost Boys'.
This location was used many times throughout the film, and many parts of the boardwalk were used.
The merry-go-round was used in the first scene.
The large car park directly north of the boardwalk was used as the location for the scene where the security guard runs to his car.
The beach front was used in the motorbike scene.
And most of the attractions and rides were featured throughout the movie including the Giant Dipper roller coaster.
Interestingly, to the east of the boardwalk where the old railway line goes over the river, there is an old railway bridge, although it looks just like the one used in the film (in the scene where Micheal and the vampires hang from underneath) I'm pretty sure that that scene was filmed in a studio. (When i visited this location in July 2000 i did think that the bridge looked too rickety to film on.)
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