The Ladykillers

Islington, Greater London, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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The Ladykillers
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5th September 2011
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Islington, Greater London
United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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This is roughly the spot where Mrs Wilberforce's house once stood in the classic Ealing comedy 'The Ladykillers'. Unfortunately the area has changed completely. Although i have listed this address as Conistone Way, you can't actually get to this spot from there, the only way to see it is to venture into the 'Jewsons' builders yard and peer over the wall, or go round into 'Tileyard road' and see from there. The house stood about 50 yards from the edge of the railway tunnel which is occupied by a car park now. The house used to be situated at the end of 'Frederickes Street' which also no longer exists. Such a shame because it was a terrific location. Incidentally, the view from Mrs Wilberforce's front door (in the film) was a different location altogether... it was the view of King's Cross Station from Argyle street.
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Really tricky to get to this location because the original house site is now a carpark behind a housing estate. You can get to it by going to the end of Tileyard Road. The house was situated a few yards north of the railway tunnel entrance.
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Robski on 7th September 2011 at 18:32

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